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Adam Bombard

Adam picked up his first bass guitar when he was 13 years old after hearing his first Iron Maiden album. Soon after, he was playing along to every recording he could get his hands on, from his sister's Go-Go's records to his mother's Hair soundtrack. He plays a number of instruments, but his true love is the bass. Adam likes cheese curd. A lot.

T “Fury” DiFiore

Sneaking into a KISS concert at the ripe old age of 13 sealed the deal, he was going to be a rock guitar player and there was no stopping it. “T” Hails from Hamilton Ontario Canada and began playing Guitar and Bass the age of 7. He has been in numerous award winning bands and has appeared live in competition and on compilation albums with bands such as The Bare Naked Ladies and the Rheostatics. Growing up in Canada with local Influences like Rush and The Tragically Hip and rounding out his musical mentors with the likes of Van Halen, Alter Bridge, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam.

T appears as a guitarist/Bass player in numerous Self Titled and independent CD’s including Fresh Blood, Glass Botttom Boat and an up and comingCanadian artists debut album Cicero – Out of Nowhere. After a number of recording projects and albums with appearances at venues such as the El Macombo and Breakfast Television in Toronto, T moved to Utah and eventually formed what is now Betty Hates Everything. His musical influences become apparent in his writing and intense guitar sound. Racing cars, patenting medical technologies and enjoying the company of his friends, you won't find a tin foil covered cucumber in this guys pants !

Kevin Hill

Frontman Kevin Hill, a Utah native and self-described musicphile, has been making music since he was barely old enough to walk.“My dad put me on a drum kit when I was only four,” Hill said. “I’ve been involved in all kinds of music since then; musicals, choirs, bands, you name it.”Hill, as the owner of Boost Entertainment, a karaoke and entertainment company, has been in several bands before, and had nearly grown tired of trying to make one work. It took a few tries for BHE guitarist, T, to convince him to join the group. Front man Kevin Hill hails from Salt Lake City Utah, classically trained from age 8, his vocals range across musical genre such as choral, Theater and Hard Rock. He continued his love of music throughout high school singing and playing drums for cover band green carpet and original indie pop band BullHill. Joining with Guitarist T “Furious Styles” Di Fiore in Salt Lakes PARSEC in 2009, the band played alternative covers ranging from Stone Temple Pilots to Third eye Blind and set the stage for his first Alternative original band, Betty Hates Everything.

Dan Froerer

Dan Froerer is from Ogden Utah. He graduated from Weber High in North Ogden and then spent four years in the 82nd Airborne where he was deployed to Iraq three times. Dan has been playing drums since high school. His influences include Dave Mathews, Led Zepplin, Green Day, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, and Sevendust. Dan recorded three songs with BHE (DOD, long time ago, and rip it away) before leaving and playing with the Wyoming band JUB for a few years. Dan has since rejoined BHE and is looking forward to dominating the local music scene with them. Aside from drumming all day long Dan likes trail running and climbing and has seen every episode of The Office.